Kimmel Kids Club

Kimmel Orchard & Vineyard is dedicated to a mission of education and historic preservation. We are excited to announce a new educational offering, Kimmel Kids Club. We will be providing quarterly learning activities and resources for elementary students.

Access to these learning opportunities is available through Google Classroom. Download the app on your phone or tablet, or go to You will need to be logged into Google to access the classroom on your computer. Use the Kimmel Kids Club password: tbfolbf.Each quarter will offer a variety of learning activities including a workbook, online lessons, activity sheets, and videos.

This first Fall edition introduces our Kimmel characters: Ernie, the Soldier Beetle; Flutter, the Hummingbird Moth; Bonita, the Monarch Butterfly; Blue, the Blue Orchard Mason Bee; and Buzz, the Honeybee.

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