Kimmel Orchard Tours

Our facility offers a wide variety of fun activities for all ages. Enjoy shopping at our retail space, learn about our fruit processing, or take a step into the life at the orchard while enjoying the scenery. If your group wants the full experience, the Observation and Discovery Tour includes facility tours of the Lewis and Clark Center, KHN Arts Center, Kregel Windmill Factory Museum and Kimmel Orchard. If you are just wanting to tour our facility, we can accommodate any group, small or large!

Apple Barn Tour

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how we operate with a tour of our sorting machine, cider production, retail space, and an overview of our history and the facilities. The tour concludes with shopping in the Apple Barn.

Groups of 10 or more: $5 per person

Groups of less than 10: $50 group rate

Total time of tour: 30 minutes

Hayrack Orchard Tour

This tour includes a relaxing hayrack ride through our beautiful 80-acre orchard with incredible scenery, fruit facts, and the farm's history. 

$50 per group of 20 or less

Total time of tour: 30 minutes

Nature Trail Tour

This tour includes a hay rack ride to the start of the Nature Trail. Once at the trail, you begin your nature walk through the Missouri River Valley and learn about all the different kinds of wildlife and species along the way. You never know what you may encounter on this journey!

$75 per group of 25 or less

Total time of tour: 45 minutes

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