Kimmel Orchard Staff

Welcome to the Kimmel Orchard Staff page. Please scroll down to find out more information about each of our talented staff members and their role.

Kimmel Orchard Staff

Jennie Tachovsky
General Manager

Jennie joined the Kimmel Orchard family in July 2021 as General Manager. Her responsibilities include marketing the educational values of Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard Educational Foundation and managing all aspects of the Orchard and Apple Barn. Jennie graduated from Northern State University in Aberdeen, SD with a Bachelor of Arts in English, and a specialization in Desktop Publishing. Jennie lives in Nebraska City with her two sons, Brixton and Jaxon, and her partner Dean Shissler. Before joining Kimmel Orchard, she worked as a Sales and Promotions Director. She loves spending her free time playing games and having adventures with her kids and Dean or curled up with a good book. Jennie is looking forward to continuing Kimmel Orchard’s educational mission and maintaining a fun place for families to enjoy!


Jesse Mendez
Orchard Team Leader

Jesse has worked in the orchard business for over 20 years and has extensive knowledge in caring for fruit trees. He loves his work and puts passion into everything he does. Apart from being a great leader in the orchard, Jesse loves being in the outdoors and he prides himself in making Kimmel Orchard a destination stop for guests and their families. 

Mary Williams
Business Operations

Mary is a graduate of Glenwood Community High School in Glenwood Iowa. After, she attended the University of Oklahoma. She and her husband have six children between them and thirteen grandchildren. Mary has lived in Nebraska City since 2009. Mary and her family are active in 4-H, FFA, and Fine Arts Boosters. She really looks forward to being part of the Kimmel Family! 

Cami Ruiz
Business Operations

I am from Bogota, Colombia. I played volleyball at Peru State College, where I was able to achieve Mathematics and Accounting majors. I am Looking forward to accomplishing numerous goals in my life. Also, very excited to start a new learning experience at the Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard family.

Carlos Serrano
Orchard Team Member

Carlos Serrano has been working for Kimmel Orchard since April of 2012.  Carlos is part of our orchard Field Service Team. This team works hard on maintaining the beauty of the orchard.  Carlos has years of knowledge and experience in all the various crops & trees in the orchard. Carlos is an extremely hard worker and takes a lot of pride in his job.  When Carlos isn’t at Kimmel he enjoys playing soccer and watching movies.

Mayra Rodriguez
Orchard Team Member

Mayra Rodriguez has been a Kimmel team member since 2015. Mayra has a wide variety of jobs she does for the orchard. Some of these include: helping with picking, cleaning, stocking, and various other tasks.  Mayra is the mother of 4 boys. Mayra and her husband stay very busy with their children and attending their different events.

Ashley Wieser
Event Operations Intern

After graduating from a small town in Minnesota, Ashley went out of state to the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. This internship has allowed Ashley to see the business operations side of planning a large festival or a small visiting tour group. Ashley has plans to graduate in December with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality, Restaurant, and Tourism Management, and hopefully be able to travel in her future career.

Delana Rogers
Landscape Operations Intern

Dalena recently graduated with a double major in Global Resources Systems and horticulture from Iowa State University. She is originally from Linden, Iowa. As the Orchard Operations intern, she will work firsthand with the orchard team every day. She's excited to learn more about fruit crop production and to further her horticultural experience. 

Emily Hatterman
Marketing and Business Intern

Emily is a junior at the University of Nebraska Lincoln majoring in Agricultural Communications. She grew up on her family's feedlot which is where she found her love for agriculture. She's excited to work in a different sector of ag as she focuses on connecting consumers with where their produce comes from through educational posts on Kimmel's social media and website. She also works to promote different events here at the orchard and to market new products. In Emily's free time she enjoys going to country concerts and spending time at home in Wisner with her family. 

Emma Williams
Food Safety and Education Intern

Emma will be a senior in the fall at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Her goal is to work on developing nutritional and sustainable diets for small mammals or dogs post-graduation. At the orchard, Emma is responsible for implementing a HACCP plan, developing recipes, and educating the public about the orchard. She is excited to make new connections and experience everything she's been learning about in the classroom. 

Kate Schoenberg
Landscape Operations Intern

Kate Schoenberg is our Landscape Operations intern all the way from Kansas State University. Her focus is on landscape design and maintenance here at Kimmel. She loves teaching kids about pollinators and how important they are for our daily lives. In her free time, she likes to read, paint, knit, and care for her house plants