Nature Trail

The natural environment is full of adventurous discoveries. Kimmel Orchard’s Tree Dome is constructed to provide visitors with experience-based educational opportunities that feel more like exploration than traditional learning.

Nature Trail Features
  • Self-guided trail systems with informative signage and activities for children.
  • Organized tours for student groups guided by a Tree Dome expert.
  • Native plants highlighting Nebraska’s lush and unique flora and fauna.
  • Animal track displays with corresponding animal descriptions.
  • Birdhouses and waterfowl nests to promote wildlife observation from a young age.
  • Pond access allowing children to take water samples up to our research facility to exam microorganisms firsthand.
Nature Trail Photos
Escape and Relax

Not far from the Tree Dome, you’ll find a 170-year-old Eastern Cottonwood tree perfect to rest and relax under—perhaps with some cherry cider, apple donuts, and a couple friends.