Biodiversity Survey

Kimmel Orchard & Vineyard is home to various natural habitats - pollinator gardens and wild habitats, orchard and vineyard plots, wooded areas, and aquatic habitats - that are accessible with trails. A diversity of life, both plant and animal, is present in these habitats - but which species are using it? Where are they found? What impact are they having on the orchard? What does their presence tell us about the local environment? Kimmel staff and UNL researchers are trying to find out, and they need your help!

All Kimmel visitors are encouraged to contribute their plant and animal observations to current research to document what species are located on the Kimmel property. Simply set up an iNaturalist account (directions below) and add photos of plants and animals you encounter during your visits to the Kimmel Orchard Biodiversity Survey project.

By participating in this project, you will

  • Generate biological records of Kimmel Orchard’s biodiversity to help inform onsite scientific research, local planning, and land management
  • Participate in a fun, inspiring, and creative event to enjoy the natural world and contribute to its conservation