6 Items You Didn't Know You Needed

Kimmel Orchard is well-known for its fresh produce, apple cider, and apple donuts. While these are all tasty and addicting, there is so much more to offer in the Apple Barn. From jams and jellies to pickled beets, the store is bursting with unique and delicious items. Below are 6 products that will be sure to please every taste bud! Your life may never be the same once you try these. 


1. Fresh. Nothing says fresh like Tropical Peach Salsa. This salsa has a hint of sweetness from the juicy peach and mango chunks that are nicely balanced with a little heat. Enjoy this simply with tortilla chips or my favorite way as shredded chicken tacos. Combine the salsa with your favorite taco ingredients such as black beans, corn, and chicken in a crockpot. Let the chicken marinade in this deliciousness all day until the chicken is tender and flavorful. Shred and enjoy with your favorite tortillas! Tacos don't only have to be eaten on Tuesdays. 


2. Savory. Now, this one is a must have! Cherry BBQ Sauce is so addicting that it can be eaten straight out of the bottle. It has the consistency of jam and flavors out of this world. The initial flavor is sweet followed by a smokiness that everyone loves in a BBQ sauce. Although it can be eaten straight out of the bottle, I would recommend applying it to any BBQ classic like chicken wings, ribs, burgers, and more!


3. Spice it Up. Candied Jalapenos are the way to go when you enjoy the perfect amount of spice. The first bite is full of sweet, candied goodness followed by a hint of spice. If you eat the whole jar, you will certainly feel the burn; don't worry, we won't judge you! One way to balance the heat is through cream cheese. Apply cream cheese generously to a cracker and top with a candied jalapeno. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!  


4. Fruity. This wine tastes just like grandma's apple pie! Kimmel's Apple Pie Wine is a dessert wine that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Seriously, it's literally apple pie in a bottle with just the right amount of spices. This wine has the highest alcohol content of all Kimmel wines with 16.9% alcohol. If that doesn't give you a reason to drink it, I don't know what will! 


5. Sweet. What's sweeter than syrup! Maple Praline Flavored Syrup is a must have for all breakfast meals. This syrup is smooth and can be smothered on anything. Pour over French toast and top with fresh fruit and whipped cream. I can't think of a better way to start a morning! 


6. Juicy. Another great addition to a burger is the Sweet Fire Bread & Butter Pickles & Peppers. These pickles are crunchy and packed with flavor. The sweetness of the bread and butter pairs perfectly with the spicy flavor of the peppers. It can even be paired with the Cherry BBQ Sauce. It's unbelievable that so much flavor is packed into one pickle slice. However, I won't sugar coat it, these pickles have a kick!


These are only 6 of the unique and delicious items that can be found at Kimmel. Stop by to snap one of these or explore the array of other products carried in the store. Many of these products are addicting, and you won't be able to stop enjoying them once you start. Don't blame us, you've been warned! 


Alyssa Rosenbaum - Education and Food Safety Intern