Apple Cider Benefits

Leaves are falling and so are the fall temperatures. It finally feels like fall with the chilly weather and brisk air among us! The fall season isn't complete without a warm cup of Kimmel apple cider. Apple cider is very versatile, as it quenches your thirst in the summer and keeps you warm in the fall and winter months. It doesn't hurt that it is extremely tasty as well! Not only is apple cider delicious, but it also provides many health benefits, as the only ingredient in our apple cider is apples! 4 major health benefits will have you racing to Kimmel for a gallon of apple cider. 

1. Achieves your daily fruit intake

One medium apple is equivalent to 1.5 cups of fruit, fulfilling 3/4 of your daily 2-cup recommendation. There are 36 apples in one gallon of cider, therefore 1 cup of our apple cider contains around 2 apples. This means there are 3 cups of apples in one glass exceeding your recommended fruit intake for the day! It can be difficult to reach your daily fruit intake day after day. Make it easier on yourself by consuming apple cider. It sure is a delicious way to enjoy your fruit! 

2. High amounts of fiber

Apples contain high amounts of fiber, specifically pectin. As you probably already know, fiber helps the intestinal tract function properly and can be a natural cure for constipation. A single apple provides around 13-20% of your daily fiber intake. As mentioned above there are around 2 apples per serving, therefore, achieving 26-40% of your fiber intake in just one glass! Fiber is also noted to help manage blood pressure, possibly reducing cardiovascular disease as a result. If you need a boost of fiber in your diet, try consuming more apple cider! 

3. Fills you up! 

Both apples and apple cider help you feel full longer! Apples are filled with fiber and water, 2 ingredients that cause them to be filling. Apples are a healthy snack or addition to a meal that will fill you up faster and decrease your appetite. Since apples are the only ingredient in cider, this is also true for the drink as well! You may realize after a hot glass of apple cider that you feel surprisingly satisfied. This is the fiber and water at work in your body! 

4. Various nutrients present

Apples are high in various other nutrients, such as Vitamin C, potassium, and so much more! Vitamin C is known to boost the immune system and defend the body against diseases and infections. This vitamin can also help protect the heart to keep it healthy. As for potassium, this mineral relaxes the body's blood vessels, which reduces the risk of high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems. There are many other vitamins and minerals found in apples that play a large role in keeping the body healthy. Who knew apples contained so many benefits?

Although the delicious taste of Kimmel's apple cider is convincing on its own, the health benefits associated with the cider will definitely keep you coming back for more! This drink is nutritious yet delicious, and there is no better combo than that! Now you know why an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Gallon and half-gallon sizes of apple cider are available in the Apple Barn. Visit the store today to stock up on cider. 

Alyssa Rosenbaum - Education and Food Safety Intern