Christmas Treats

One of the best parts of the holiday season is preparing Christmas treats with friends and family! Although Christmas is another gathering that will most likely be smaller and different this year, this creates a great opportunity to implement new traditions. The Apple Barn is full of products to incorporate into your holiday treats. Even though you can't spend time with friends and family, gift them homemade goodies filled with Kimmel's products. Below is a list of delicious recipes to fill the holiday dessert table! 

Apple Cider

What is better than adding Kimmel's fresh apple cider to a sweet treat? Nothing!  

1. Apple Cider Crisp

2. Apple Cider Snickerdoodles

3. Apple Cider Doughnut Cake


Kimmel's honey is so versatile and can be used in almost any recipe!

1. Honey Cinnamon Bars

2. Honey Lemon Cake

3. Honey-Lime Almond Cookies

4. Honey Roasted Apple Pie 

Jams, Jellies, and Preserves 

Choose any of Kimmel's jams, jellies, and preserves and incorporate it into one of these recipes! Substitute your favorite flavor in the recipes below.

1. Shortbread Cookies

2. Jam Hand Pies

3. Oatmeal Cookie Bars


Every one of these treats would make a great addition to a holiday dessert spread! The Apple Barn is also full of pies, cookies, and other delicious treats to purchase as well. These products make not only delicious ingredients in Christmas treats but also make delicious presents as well! Stop by before December 24th, as Kimmel will be closed for the season after December 23rd. 

Alyssa Rosenbaum - Education & Food Safety Intern