The Interns are Here!

Summer is near and the interns are here! This week Kimmel Orchard welcomed 4 of their 5 summer interns. Kimmel’s internship program offers real-world experience in the areas of horticulture, orchard management, agritourism, marketing, and business development. Keep reading to find out a little more about all of our interns for the 2021 season!


Emily Hatterman

Business and Marketing Intern

Hometown: Wisner, NE 

Major: Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication

Hi I'm Emily! I will be a junior at the University of Nebraska Lincoln next fall but am excited to spend my summer here at Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard here in the meantime. As the Business and Marketing intern, I will be focused on running Kimmel's social medias and websites along with other business operations. I look forward to collaborating with the other interns to design materials for any upcoming events and keeping blogs up to date on the website.


Ashley Wieser

Event Operations

Hometown: La Crescent, MN

Major: Hospitality

Hi everyone, I am a senior at UNL, studying Hospitality with a minor in Business and Leadership. I am looking forward to seeing how the operations of planning an event work, and how to incorporate orchard education within the events. I am hoping this will help me decide what career path to take after I graduate in December.


Emma Williams

Food Safety and Education

Hometown: La Vista, NE

Major: Food Technology for Companion Animals

I will be a senior in the fall at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. I am hoping to work on developing nutritional and sustainable diets for small mammals or dogs after I graduate. At the orchard, I will be responsible for implementing a HACCP plan, developing recipes, and educating the public about the orchard. I am excited to make new connections and experience everything I have been learning about inside a classroom.


Delana Rogers

Orchard Operations

Hometown: Linden, IA

Major: Global Resource Systems & Horticulture

Hello! My name is Dalena Rogers and I'm a recent graduate from Iowa State University with a double major in Global Resource Systems and Horticulture. I'm the Orchard Operations intern and will be helping around the orchard and vineyard. I'm excited to learn more about fruit crop production and to further my horticultural experience!


Kate Schoenberg

Landscape Operations

​​​​​​Hometown: Spring Hill, KS

I am currently a sophomore at Kansas State University studying landscape horticulture. In high school, I was very involved in FFA and it inspired my interest in horticulture. In school, I have developed a particular interest in creating landscapes that are environmentally sustainable, pollinator-friendly, native plant-focused, easy to maintain, and cost-effective. I am so excited to work at Kimmel and begin expanding upon their current landscape to be hands-on, kid-friendly, and interactive. I hope to create a space that will last for years after installation and bring joy to all those that visit.