Kimmel Wines

Wine tastings are available again in the Apple Barn! During the wine tasting, you have the chance to sample and learn about 4 different Kimmel wines. 14 different varieties are available to choose from, so there is definitely a wine perfect for your palette! With all the wine options, you might even have to do 2 tastings! However, it can be difficult to know which wine is your style. Use the descriptions of all the Kimmel Wines below to help you find your perfect match! 

Red Wines (Dry to Sweet)

As for most red wines, all of Kimmel's reds are best served at room temperature. 

De Chaunac - For lovers of dry, red wine, this one's for you! De Chaunac is a red, dry, full-bodied French hybrid with a pleasing bouquet. Definitely, one of the best Nebraska wines.

Food Pairing: Red meat dishes, pasta, or deep-dish pizza

Chambourcin - If red is still your style but you prefer a little more sweetness, Chambourcin is waiting for you! This wine is a red, semi-dry French American hybrid varietal with fruity characteristics and a beautiful color. 

Food Pairing: Roasted pheasant, beef au jus, or other red meat dishes

Frontenac - This grape has become a standard Nebraska wine proven to be reliable and provide an unforgettable flavor. Frontenac is a distinctive off-dry, light-bodied red. This wine is a great companion for picnics, parties, and porch swings. Its intense cherry aromas and flavors dominate without overwhelming the palette due to the herbal undertones and crisp acidity.

Food Pairing: Pork and sausage dishes or cuisine with little spice

White Wines (Dry to Sweet)

Richard's Reserve - Discover a medium-bodied wine bursting with fruit flavors through our Richard's Reserve dedicated to Kimmel's founder. Pineapple, pear, and green apple touched with a hint of honey will be sure to delight the palette. The lively acidity and citrus characteristics give this wine a clean, crisp finish. This wine is best served slightly chilled.

Food Pairing: Lightly spiced Asian cuisine, fish, or lightly seasoned white meat dishes

Edelweiss - A mouthwatering, crisp wine that delivers an aroma of pineapple and tropical fruit that leads to a pleasantly sweet finish. Edelweiss is best served slightly chilled as well. 

Food Pairing: Spicy Asian cuisine, white meats seasoned with Jamaican Jerk spices, or pineapple, pear, apple, or papaya salads

Kimmel Reserve - This wine contains a blend of Vignoles, LaCrosse, and Seyval Blanc grapes resulting in a delightful fruity wine. Once again, best served slightly chilled.

Food Pairing: Lightly spiced Asian cuisine, fish, or lightly seasoned white meat dishes

Vignoles - A white, semi-sweet French hybrid with Pinot Noir in its parentage contains hints of pear and apricot. Vignoles is also a great addition to any picnic. Serve this wine fully chilled.

Food Pairing: Slightly sweet dishes as well as fruity salsas or chutneys

LaCrosse - A semi-sweet white varietal wine with slight fruity overtones. Elmer Swenson, one of the premier grape breeders in the country, developed this grape variety. Serve this wine chilled as well. 

Food Pairing: Fish, chicken, or green salads, or enjoy before dinner as an aperitif

Sweet '25 - This is our sweetest and most popular white wine with a fruity finish. If you love your sweets, this wine is a must-try. Best served chilled as well. 

Fruit Wines

All of the fruit wines are best served chilled. 

Apple - A refreshingly sweet wine made from a special blend of Kimmel Orchard's apples picked at the peak of freshness. You can experience fresh Kimmel apples all year long with this wine! 

Apple Pie - This wonderful wine is a mixture of our apple cider and apple wine distilled and blended to perfection. The cinnamon overtones make this wine stand out from its peers, as you reminisce of your favorite apple pie. 

Cherry - A sweet yet tart dessert wine with undertones of spice and cinnamon. Our cherry wine is made from the Montmorency cherries grown at Kimmel Orchard.

Peach - Life is just peachy with this wine chilled to perfection on a warm summer day. 6 months is required to make this sweet, sparkling wine. At Kimmel, we consider this time extremely well spent.

Strawberry Vice - Refreshingly crisp with a sweet strawberry aftertaste. This wine will instantly transport you back to summer with its flavors and aromas. 

Hard Cider

Although it may not be wine, also offered at the wine bar is hard cider. Every fall, different flavors are available. Currently, original, ginger, and pineapple are the available types. Mix and match with the flavors on tap!

Hopefully, more than one wine appeals to your palette! Wine tastings allow you to sample wines without committing to a whole bottle. Many of the wines' flavors and aromas may surprise you! All the wines available for tasting are also for sale in bottle size. Come discover your wine match any day of the week with a wine tasting. The Apple Barn hours are back to normal! The store's hours are Monday-Saturday 9 AM to 5 PM and Sunday 11 AM to 5 PM. 

Alyssa Rosenbaum - Education and Food Safety Intern