Mid-Summer Intern Update

 Our final intern Kate arrived a couple of weeks ago, and we’re almost halfway done with their time here. Time sure does fly! We thought we’d give you a little insight into what each intern has been doing this summer so far. Head on over to our Facebook to see a video about what we’ve been to as well!

I’m Ashley, the Events Operation intern, and I’ve been working on the Strawberry Festival that happened in early June. Now, I am working on a new farmer’s market series here at Kimmel. I have been reaching out to potential vendors to come out and sell their local products here on Saturdays in June. Hopefully, this can become a recurring event!

I’m Emma, the Food Safety and Education intern. I am focusing on product development this summer. I made a new strawberry lemonade slushie for the strawberry festival that was a big hit, and with the extra strawberries, I am working on creating a strawberry fruit strip to sell in the apple barn. When I’m not working on new products, I am focusing on ways to keep the employees as safe as possible at work as well as working on projects to educate the public on all the great things we do here at Kimmel.

I’m Kate, the Landscape Operations Intern. My goal this summer is to help update our surrounding pollinator landscape by dividing existing plants, adding new plants with fun colors, and labeling everything, so all visitors know what plants we have. I am also working up at the Kimmel house to beautify and update their historic home. I love taking kids through the nature trail and around through our pollinator beds to help teach them about the importance of plants in our everyday lives.

Hi everyone, I’m Emily, the Business and Marketing intern. Over these past couple of weeks, I’ve been busy running Kimmel’s Facebook and Instagram pages. This means planning out content and producing weekly videos. I work a lot with Ashley to promote events, like the Strawberry Fest. My favorite thing to do is photograph our beautiful orchard and everything in it.

Our other intern Delana was on vacation this week, but she’ll be back in the orchard soon!