Sweet Treats

The most important meal of the day is by far dessert! Kimmel Orchard is bursting with sweet treats waiting for you to try each and every one of them. Why not indulge in some sugary, homemade deliciousness? I can't think of a reason not too! These treats will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. There are many seasonal treats in stock in the Apple Barn. Continue reading to learn what sweets are available but beware your mouth may water, and the sugar cravings may significantly increase! 

Caramel Apples

It can't be fall without caramel apples! Imagine sinking your teeth into a juicy, sweet, crisp apple surrounded by rich caramel. But wait, you don't have to imagine. Visit our Apple Barn to experience them yourself! Our caramel apples are made using our fresh-picked Jonathan apples straight from the orchard. The apples can even be accompanied by crunchy toppings if you so desire. Available toppings are chopped nuts or mini M&Ms, but plain caramel apples are an option as well. Apples and caramel were made for each other. You can't go wrong with this duo! 


There is never a bad time to enjoy pie! The retail store has frozen Village PieMaker pies all year, but seasonally Kimmel fresh-baked pies are available. You haven't had a slice of heaven until you've tasted these! Flavors include apple, caramel apple, Dutch apple, and pumpkin pie. What's the difference between an apple and a Dutch apple pie? Dutch apple pie contains a streusel topping while the traditional apple pie simply has a pie crust layered on top. However, their toppings may be different, but both contain a delicious, sweet flavor! As I said before there isn't a better duo than apples and caramel, so why not make them even better and add them to a pie! All the apple pies are made with Kimmel's Jonathan apples.

There is a rumor going around that pumpkin pie can only be enjoyed during the holiday season. But I firmly believe you don't have to wait till Thanksgiving to eat pumpkin pie! This creamy, spiced pie will have you counting down the days until you can eat it again. Trust me you won't regret diving in early! 

Once the pie makes it home, that is if you don't eat it on the drive back, just reheat your pie in an oven until bubbling and warm! 


These may not be new, but they are definitely a classic. Fresh Caramel Apple Oatmeal Cookies are made weekly. These are the best cookies found on the planet! Although they are wonderfully delicious as is, try re-heating until warm and gooey in a microwave and crumble over vanilla bean ice cream. Don't forget a caramel drizzle! Or, enjoy accompanied by a hot cup of morning coffee. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner goes well with this tasty treat. These cookies can be devoured at any time of the day!


I bet you guessed this dessert! Kimmel Orchard can't be thought of without the memory of warm Apple Cider Donuts. You know it's a good day when you step into the Apple Barn smelling fresh donuts in the air. These have been a long-standing favorite among guests and won't be going anywhere soon, except maybe your stomach. Donuts are also made fresh each week. Did you know each batch is made with Kimmel's apple cider? This is what contributes to their addictiveness ... and the fact that they are fried! 


Who doesn't love sweet treats? Kimmel Orchard is a great destination for all ages. As mentioned above, many of these treats are only available for a select time. Stop by the Apple Barn to cure your sugar cravings. These goodies will have you coming back for more! 

Alyssa Rosenbaum - Education and Food Safety Intern