Wine Making

The versatility and variety of wine make it a perfect beverage for all occasions, from a glass with dinner to special occasions. Here at Kimmel, we offer 16 different types of wine for purchase ranging from red and white grape varietals to numerous sweet fruit wines. So how does our wine get from fruit in the orchard to a bottle in your home?


The process of making wine starts with grapes and fruit from our orchard. After each respective fruit is harvested, it travels down the road to Whiskey Run Creek in Brownsville, Nebraska, where the fermentation process begins. Fruit is juiced and then loaded into large tanks to ferment. The amount of time each batch ferments determines the alcohol content. At the winery, there are several wine varieties that are able to ferment at once. The grape wines are fermented first after harvesting in early fall. These wines are the easiest to over ferment and are usually kept in a cooling stainless steel tank. The fruit wines like apples and strawberries are usually fermented in the winter months because they are not as particular as grape wines.


After fermentation, a few additional ingredients are added to provide the final touch. When all ingredients are added, the wine is aged before being bottled. The length of time wine can age changes the flavor. To prevent sediments of the juice or fruit from going into the wine glass, all wine is filtered before bottling. After bottling, the wine is sent back to the Apple Barn for you to enjoy!


Our fruit takes a long journey from our orchard to a wine bottle, but it makes the perfect beverage for any occasion. Next time you are at the Apple Barn, try a wine tasting to discover which of our wines is your favorite!